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Kelsey LapicolaKelsey Lapicola
02:13 10 Nov 23
Our experience with Jacqueline Zinetti has been life changing. If I could give 1000 stars I would. If I was ever skeptical of E-collars, I’m not anymore!! We just got our soon to be 7month old puppy back & life is beautiful!!! Jacqueline not only put the time in with him but continues to put the time in with us as well. You without a doubt will receive exactly what you are looking for and more with her training. Walks are so much more enjoyable, our puppy no longer pulls us around on the leash and is now a gentleman Meeting new people. He is also no longer a menace inside the house. The change is incredible & if you’re worried about your dog’s personality changing like I was, there is no need. He’s still the biggest mush and silly boy, only difference is his Harvard diploma! Jacqueline we can’t thank you enough!! Trust me, this woman is who you need.
Carlos UgaldeCarlos Ugalde
01:16 08 Nov 23
Jacqueline Zinnetti has done it again! A few months ago, we rescued our second dog Rocco, who is a shy and scared Bichon Frise that was impossible to control. Rocco was scared of anyone who got close to him, he would bark and growl nonstop. Jacqueline had already trained our first dog, Emilio, and she had done an awesome job with him, so we immediately contacted her to help us with Rocco. Even before training started, Jacqueline was available by phone to discuss Rocco’s behavioral issues and helpful tips. It only took Jacqueline 3 weeks to make Rocco the most confident dog ever. She took the time to get Rocco to trust her, which included feeding him by hand. As she did when she trained Emilio, Jacqueline kept us posted about how Rocco was doing by sending us pictures and videos of him following commands. Most importantly, Jacqueline cared for and loved Rocco as if he was her own dog. We highly recommend Jacqueline to everyone.
Corinne DaloisioCorinne Daloisio
19:42 31 Oct 23
Jacqueline is phenomenal. I was looking for a dog trainer near me in Ridgewood New Jersey and after speaking with many I decided to go with Jacqueline Zinetti. I brought her my 2-year old German Shepherd/Husky mix who was sweet as pie but a complete menace inside the house as well as outside in public.  She was totally out of control barking, jumping and pulling beyond belief. This is my first dog and I thought I was doing everything right according to other peoples opinions and what I read on the internet. Wow! Was I wrong! Jacqueline’s 3 week board & train completely transformed my dog. Nova is now an obedient, well-mannered pleasure to be around. Jacqueline was professional, transparent, effective, passionate and kind to both of us through the whole process! I was a bit nervous at first when it came to learning how to use the remote as I didn't want to hurt my baby!! Jacqueline stuck with me every step of the way and made sure I knew exactly how to handle my newly trained girl!  She treated my dog like she was a part of her pack. Jacqueline’s drive to succeed and train each dog as well as their human is unmatched. Ridgewood NJ can be a very busy town and I can now confidently walk Nova through town, go sit outside for dinner and truthfully bring her anywhere because I know she will behave like a champ! When I went to pick Nova up, Jacqueline was extremely thorough in explaining how to execute each command. She will help you with the mistakes you are making along the way which is so very important. You will make mistakes! Its ok...It will take you a couple of weeks to get the gist of it, but once you do, it’s easy breezy and you wont have to think about it. Once nova was home I sent Aunt Jacq videos every couple of days and we went over them screen by screen. This was so important for ME to learn and do better the next day in between the in person follow ups. These two parts of the after training for the human is what I think really made it all come together. She remains on bat line 4 months later if I have any questions at all. The way she teaches is passionate yet authoritative. Her service is A+++ and I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Jacqueline to train your dog. I recently moved to Italy and my pup will be coming to join me now that she is wonderfully trained! I cant wait to have her! I am forever grateful to have met such a remarkable person and role model.
Chandni MalaniChandni Malani
22:10 29 Oct 23
Jacqueline did an absolutely amazing job training our 11 month old pomsky Zara! We were having such a hard time training our puppy and ever since I talked to Jac the first time, she promised us she would do her absolute best with her. While pomskies are full of energy and love they are one of the most difficult breeds to train and I can easily say sending ours to Jac was the best decision we ever made.Prior to training, taking Zara on walks was so stressful as she was constantly tugging and distracted by every little thing on the way. We were always nervous and scared with her bolting out the doors; she had an overwhelming amount of energy and no idea how to focus and calm down. Now after spending 3 weeks with Jac she is so much calmer, walks by our side and has her full focus on us. The level of patience Jac had training our dog is incredible! Not only did she spend so much time and energy in training Zara, she has gone above and beyond in training us and helping us step by step via videos and follow up visits. I know for a fact that Jac will be there for us for the years to come even after the training for any questions or help we may need with Zara.As for the e-collar, we were a bit hesitant as most about using it on our puppy. Jaqueline made sure to help us understand how the collar works and how much it can really benefit our relationship and communication with the puppy. She made sure to have us hold and feel the collar and answer all our questions; and it has been a great tool in helping us communicate with Zara.Jac prioritizes the pups and her clients above all else. Once you are in it with her, she is there for you for the long run. She has always been quick to respond to any and all of our questions and has always set up time for us to walk through things in detail. As overwhelming as it can be having to send your pup away for 3 weeks, Jac will take care of your pup like her own. Thank you so much for everything you've done!!
Aly AmbroAly Ambro
18:09 06 Oct 23
Yes, let me take time out of my insanely busy life to try and hear what your automatic voicemail message is spelling out re: your special instructions and email, instead of you answering the phone like every other business on the planet is able to do. You don't take phone calls? lul wut??! I wanted to call and ask many questions and have a conversation about training in the future for my next dog. Very quickly realized that if I have to go through hoops to have a conversation with you then no thank you. No where on the website does it list the contact email or information, not even under their contact section! Lastly, their About trainers section tells the world nothing about their certifications just their life stories. Red flag central. The absolute audacity lol. Must be nice to live in a world where you are the main characters.
Sarah FraserSarah Fraser
23:15 14 Aug 23
Crystal was absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful to her and the K9 Off Leash staff. We recently rescued a small chihuahua pug mix who is a sweet little boy but had some bad manners (reactive to other dogs on leash). Crystal was so helpful in teaching us how to use the ecollar, and with 4 lessons we were able to successfully teach him “off” - no barking/lunging at other dogs, “heel” both on and off leash, “place”, and a few other basic commands that have made walking and living with our boy so easy! I highly recommend doing classes, it helped Chubbs reduce his anxiety and helped us be better dog parents. Thanks again to the Off Leash staff!
Justine SbarraJustine Sbarra
18:43 18 Jan 23
Jacqueline Zinetti is the absolute best!!! My girlfriend and I were having tons of issues with our Golden Retriever puppy and were absolutely at a loss as to what to do next. Lincoln was pulling on leash, not coming when called, barking non-stop when left alone, overall just not listening to us. We live in NYC right next to Central Park and he would drag us down the street on his leash anytime we went to take him to the park - it was terrible!!! We also could not leave our apartment at all because anytime we did he would bark non-stop, tear apart our rugs, etc. We were so discouraged and found ourselves so upset with our cute little pup all of the time which is not how we envisioned our relationship with our beautiful dream dog! AND then we found Jacqueline, our lifesaver angel!!!We were veryyyy hesitant about this whole process (I mean who wants to send their dog away for 3 weeks to a complete stranger?!) but that feeling was short lived. The second Jacqueline and I connected via phone to discuss issues with our pup, goals, etc. I felt instant relief. She took the time to really explain her board and train process to us and I could tell immediately that Jacqueline wasn't just a board and train 'service', this was her life and her absolute passion. We got to meet Jacqueline at drop-off and that was another moment where we were reassured that our pup was in great hands. I knew that we wouldn't have to worry at all about how our pup would be treated with Jacqueline - we knew she would treat him as if he were her own. And that's just what she did...During the 3 weeks, Jacqueline would send us pictures and videos of Lincoln's progress and how he was doing. She would always always find the time to get back to us if we had questions/wanted updates. When we picked up Lincoln in Northern Jersey, we were amazed by his transformation. We couldn't believe that this was the same dog that was dragging us down the NYC streets just 3 weeks ago! Now it was our turn to be trained. We spent several hours with Jacqueline at pick up to go through everything (commands, how to work the e-collar, what to do and what not to do, etc.) She was sooo patient with us and helpful - I honestly think she would've stayed there all night answering our questions if we felt we needed it.Bringing Lincoln home to NYC was very overwhelming at first. Lots of distractions for Lincoln on the street, and we were still getting comfortable with the e-collar remote, so I'd be lying if I said it was easy. We were constantly sending Jacqueline videos and she would go through each and every video (second by second) and tell us what we were doing right and wrong. She actually facetimed us while we were walking and gave us guidance - our very own personal follow up session!! The point is, she truly is there to support you after the training is over and I believe that is invaluable (since I think more than half the battle is the owners being trained). We felt completely supported throughout the WHOLE process, and even now (our dog came out of boarding almost 3 months ago).Overall, I cannot stress enough how Jacqueline went ABOVE and BEYOND for Lincoln (and for us) in more ways than one during both his training and after. At this point, I consider Jacqueline a friend and someone that we will have in our corner forever! We are now able to take our dog everywhere with us and have the strong bond with him that we had always pictured - and for that, we are forever grateful to our favorite Aunt Jacq!!!I promise that choosing Jacqueline to train your dog will be the BEST decision you ever make!
Victoria BarbettaVictoria Barbetta
21:38 06 Jan 23
Taking our 6 month old mini Golden to Off leash K9 training was the best decision and money we have EVER spent. Lilly responded and loved Jac from day one. Our other dog had gone to Jac, and she is just so well trained that it was a no brainer that we would bring Lilly. Since spending time with Jac, Lilly has been coined the eat puppy in town. We walk around the neighborhood with no leash and she stays on my side. She does not react to dogs or animals and is responsive to my direction changes and speeds. She is a happy, confident pup who has seamlessly integrated into our family. Hiking in Vermont as well as trips to Boston, was so easy and fun with both Lilly and Denver off the leash. She would go out sledding with the kids, and a simple call would bring her right back. The piece of mind is amazing. I would recommend Jac (and I have at least 15 times) to anyone that wants their pup to be an active part of their family.
Dave FlackDave Flack
14:47 29 Dec 22
Jacqueline does an amazing job. I did the bordering program for 3 weeks for my 6 month old German Shepherd. Then followed up with multiple group sessions. After the first 3 weeks my dog was trained now it was time to train me how to use the eCollar and become comfortable with use of the commands. At first i was skeptical of the ecollar but after much research i learned it is actually the most humane technique and is no different than when people use electric stimulation for rehabing. Most importantly it works and now at 10 months old, i mostly only use the vibrate button. I still reach out to Jacqueline with questions and she is very responsive and actually cares. I highly recommend using Jacqueline Zinetti. She has only helped build a stronger bond between me and my GS
brian solerbrian soler
03:35 23 Nov 22
My wife and I decided to get another Miniature Australian shepherd a little over a year ago. Being big dog lovers, we decided to get another furry friend for my 5 year old Mini Aussie Moon. Let’s just say things did not go to plan with him. (She already had some problems herself lol). He would try and escape our home any chance he got, he would pull on the leash until the point of choking himself, break things in our home (rugs, socks, etc.) The female was very spoiled & also a terrible walker. After some research and a few consultations with different trainers, we were more than convinced that Jacqueline Zinetti would be the best trainer for us. All the reviews made any concerns that we had, fade away! The first time we spoke, Jacqueline went into great detail to see what behaviors we were having issues with and explaining to us how the board and train program would work on implementing those changes. After that, we scheduled our date and were ready to go. On the day of drop off, Jacqueline had us show her how we handed our dogs, that did not go well. In just minutes, Jacqueline showed us what the program would be able to do. She handled our dogs better than we ever could in just a short amount of time. With that, we left and let the training begin. It was hard at first to leave our dogs (had never been apart from them for more than 2-3 days before this), but once Jacqueline started sending us videos and texting us with updates, all of that went away. If we ever had any questions or updates on how our dogs were doing, Jacqueline was always a call or text away. Fast forward 3 weeks later and we were ready to go back up to Northern Jersey to pick our doggies 🐶🐶. When we arrived, Jacqueline brought us inside in order to discuss how training had went and educated us on how to use our collar correctly for the upcoming weeks. I will emphasize this to everyone, the E-Collar is a great tool that Jacqueline shows to use in order to better communicate with your dogs. Finally, we got to see our dogs and we were so happy to see them. We went through some training exercises and the changes were night and day. Our dogs were walking with us with no tension on the leash. They weren’t jumping all over us anymore like before. It was amazing to see the changes. You can see that Jacqueline really knows what she’s doing and she goes into great detail for you to understand the reasons for everything you do. It was now time for us to go back home and start fresh with our newly trained dogs. Things did not start off well. Once we arrived home, our dogs started behaving just like before and we did not know what to do. We called and that’s when Aunt Jacq came to the rescue. My wife and I couldn’t believe how they switched back to being the same dogs from before. She took time to speak with us and asked us to be patient. She reminded us that it’s one step at a time. We started to send our training videos and the more we trained the better our dogs started to behave. We would speak with Jacq multiple times a week to discuss our videos and she would identify any issues or errors that we were making. She was there every step of the way for us. She would invite us to follow ups as well in order to gauge the progress in person. No matter what, Jacqueline is there for you every step of the way and we couldn’t have asked for more. We are now over a month since we got our dogs back and the changes have been great. Every day is an improvement and we are now able to do things with them that we couldn’t do before. Honestly Aunt Jacq has been a lifesaver and we can’t thank her enough. Literally changed our lives! Thank you so much for all you do. You’re the best!
Adriana GhetaAdriana Gheta
10:23 02 Nov 22
About 7 months ago, we adopted 2 yo Willow, a Treeing Walker Coonhound. She was returned by the family before us because she seemed out of control (pulling on the leash, running away, barking at other dogs, etc ). Nevertheless, we wanted to give this dog another chance even though everyone told us coonhounds are impossible to train and will always run away, so we’d have to keep her on a leash for the rest of her life. We are hikers and wanted a dog that could be off leash. We knew that only a special trainer could help. We were looking for a trainer near us in Franklin Lakes. This is where Jacqueline Zinetti comes in. We chose the board/training program at her location in New Jersey. From the first phone conversation, I noticed her passion for dogs. And, she has a Treeing Walker Coonhound! She put our minds at ease. It was really hard to believe my dog could be tamed. During the 3-week program, Jacqueline sent me numerous videos of Willow’s progress. Then, the big day came. Pick up day. I couldn’t believe how much my dog had changed. On turnover day, Jacqueline spent about 2 hours with us. Then we had multiple in person follow-up sessions and many phone conversations reviewing videos of what we had worked on or had questions about. She patiently trained us too. I feel training humans is just as important as training a dog. We have had Willow back for about 5 weeks now. She is completely a different dog. Willow is now everything I’ve dreamed of and more. Jacqueline Zinetti is a dog whisperer who turned my wild, crazy dog into the most obedient creature. We feel so grateful we found her. Thank you, Jacqueline, for everything you did. You are amazing!!!
Noel VisyakNoel Visyak
20:18 01 Nov 22
I did extensive research whenever I was looking for a board and train program to send my almost two year old goldendoodle to when I found Jacqueline Zinetti in Northern New Jersey. We were looking for a boarding and training program that we could send him to in an effort to teach him recall, firm up his basic obedience (he did not have any notable issues like aggression, guarding, anything like that) and just overall to learn how to communicate with him more effectively. Jacqueline Zinetti is a master of her craft and I have the utmost respect for her as a person and her skills when it comes to training. It is obviously a little scary to think about sending your fur baby away for a few weeks, but Jacqueline made us feel comfortable when we met with her for drop off. I knew our baby was going to be safe, loved, and that he would get the training he deserves (as well as the training WE needed as his owners!). This board and train program was the best thing for both our pup and for us as owners. His recall is PERFECT, no more selective listening, and I think our pup has thrived with the discipline and boundaries this training has provided for all of us. This program is a serious commitment for both you and your dog though - so YOU as an owner need to be willing to put in the work on the back end to maintain all the hard work Jacqueline has put in on the front end. The follow up training sessions were absolutely necessary and helpful and you need to stay committed to yourself and your dog to get the full benefits out of this board and train program. With that being said, I 100% recommend Jacqueline Zinetti in Northern New Jersey. You and your pup will not regret it!
Dave SDave S
23:02 12 Aug 22
We sent our 6mo old Bernese Mt. Dog to Jacqueline for training after too many costly vet incidents where she swallowed things not meant for consumption, chewed on everything in sight and bit my kids a little too hard for our liking. My other attempts at training this puppy failed and the dog was just not pleasant to be around and we were not really enjoying this addition to our family. I got Jacqueline on the phone and she spent a solid hour talking me through the process and answered all of my questions. She took the dog for the full three weeks and when we picked her up I could not believe the difference in obedience and personality. Jacqueline is an expert at her craft and the time and dedication she puts into each dog is incredible. You can tell how passionate and professional she is and I’m thankful we made the investment in proper training with her. Now my family and I can truly enjoy being around the dog and the pup is much happier too. 110% endorse working with Jacqueline because she is incredibly thorough and works to achieve the best outcome.
If you are thinking about training your dog, you’ve come to the perfect place! Jacqueline is the best! She has made a world of difference with our 1 year old Aussiedoodle, Emilio. Emilio had never been trained, pulled his aggressively leash during our walks, barked constantly at other dogs in the street, did not know any commands, and had severe separation anxiety issues. It was impossible for us to leave Emilio alone because he would bark non-stop.Like any dog parent, we were very concerned about leaving him for 3 weeks. We also did not know much about how e-collars worked. Jacqueline walked us through everything, explaining with detail what the training consisted of and what it would address. After our conversation with her, we were confident that Emilio would be safe and that this would be the best for him and for us. Another factor that weighed on our decision to choose Jacqueline as Emilio’s trainer was the fact that Emilio would be living with her and would socialize with her dogs.Throughout the 3 weeks of training, Jacqueline kept us informed of Emilio’s progress. She was always available to respond to any questions or concerns we had. She sent us photos and videos of Emilio. We could tell Emilio was having fun with her. When we went to pick up Emilio, we were amazed with his transformation. Emilio was the same happy dog, but now he was well-behaved and responsive to commands. The e-collar is a great tool and has done wonders for Emilio. He is staying calm in his crate for the first time ever (he actually loves being there) and doesn’t pull on the leash anymore.Jacqueline is the best at what she does because she not only trains the dogs, but also teaches you, the dog owner, to better communicate with your dog. After the three weeks, follow-up sessions are necessary for the learning process and extremely helpful. Jacqueline has taught us how to use the e-collar and takes time to review the videos we send her of our practice sessions with Emilio. She gives us step by step analysis of the video and guidance to correct our mistakes. Jacqueline’s passion for dogs, knowledge and professionalism, make her the best person to trust your dog with. We will strongly recommend Jacqueline to every dog owner we know.
K PedrazK Pedraz
19:00 06 Jun 21
Headline: Jacqueline's training & ongoing support has provided our family with Reliability and Safety for our fur (big) baby, while building confidence for all (humans too)!Having a 14 month old German Shepherd Dog weighing in close to 90 lbs, we realized we needed more control. Additionally, our dog goes to work regularly at a golf course, and after a few close-calls chasing deer off leash, we knew we needed complete reliability. We had some hesitation about the e-collar, but after several conversations with Jacqueline to better understand her philosophy and techniques, we sent our dog for the board and train.We've had our pup home for almost 4 weeks and I am still amazed at his transformation, as well as my own! Jackie said that it's about teaching the dog, as well as the owner, and I couldn't agree more. The better I communicate and lead, the more confident and relaxed our dog has become, and it just keeps getting better!One of our goals was to make sure that he would behave and run alongside a moving golf cart. After the board and train, Jackie took the time to face-time with us as we attempted this maneuver. She immediately identified what was working, and more importantly, what was not working in the way we communicated what we wanted from our dog. After about 30-45 minutes of face-time tutoring, he got it! (And so did we!)We've had our moments where he will act bratty and test us, and through Jackie's ongoing guidance, we are able to snap him out of it and get him right back on track. He now runs perfectly alongside the cart! And just this morning, when he saw a coyote in the woods, I was able to use the e-collar to redirect him to safety. Thank you Jackie for empowering all of us and keeping us safe!

When my wife and I made the decision to bring a dog into our family we made a commitment up front that we would invest in proper training. We both work full time and have a toddler, and we wanted to make sure the training was done right. After researching different companies and options I talked to Jacqueline about the board and train program, and felt confident that it would be our best solution.

We have an 8 month mini goldendoodle who is about 20 lbs. We were nervous about having him away for training, but it turned out to be everything we hoped for. Walking a puppy can be an adventure, and also stressful at times. Now I’m confident taking him out, and am excited at planning trips with our family where he can run off leash and above all else be safe.

I would highly recommend their board and train program for anyone with a dog (big or small) that needs training. Great experience and Jacqueline is amazing!

Rob Jeffords

I have an Alaskan Malamute who I just could not trust off the leash. She would bolt after cats, squirrels, birds, anything really. I hiked all the time with her so it was a real bummer when I could not bring her places. After two weeks with Jackie I now take her literally everywhere and she never leaves my side. She listens, and looks to me for guidance in almost any situation. Dog barking at her? People coming over to say hi? Sitting by the door waiting to go outside? She will wait until I instruct her what to do.

The most important thing with the training is that you keep it up. Your dog comes back knowing that Jackie is the Alpha and will listen to her every command. Jackie will train you, the owner how to be the Alpha but it is imperative you keep it up. If they sense you don’t care, and don’t hold them to a standard they won’t feel obligated to listen to you, and then all of the training will be for not.

Also, every dog needs physical exercise, but they also need mind exercise. The training exerts so much mental stimulation that they will be beat after an hour or so of training. A tired dog is a happy dog!

The follow ups are critical as it is almost impossible to retain all of the information given to you on your first follow up. Jackie is always there with questions, if you are in need of a session.

If you’re willing to put in the time, then you will not be disappointed with the results.

Chris Lucianin

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